Human Products

Headway against head lice

At this very moment, millions of children and adults across the U.S. are feeling the itch. Lice have plagued humans for centuries, and treating them has never been easy, because traditional lice products use insecticides to treat infestations.

Piedmont Animal Health has developed a new kind of treatment that eliminates lice without the use of potentially dangerous chemicals.

RESULTZ® (isopropyl myristate) Rinse begins to kill lice within five minutes of application and is sold internationally through our licensing partners. It’s the market leader in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Russia, where it is sold as Full Marks Solution® by Reckitt Benckiser.


Inability or reluctance to swallow solid pills is common in adults and children. A study by Harris Interactive1 suggested that 40% of US adults have difficulty swallowing tablets. Our chewable medication delivery platform provides an easier-to-swallow alternative in a soft, pleasant-tasting formulation patented for use in delivering human pharmaceutical medications. Two actives formulated in the chewable recently received FDA approval.

  • Allows for fast and effective swallowing of a range of actives
  • No need for water when swallowing
  • Excellent API stability
  • Soft texture is retained throughout shelf life
  • Proven successful as an FDA-approved formulation platform

Study by Harris Interactive with a total of 679 adults ages 18 and over, 513 between the ages of 18 and 64, 166 ages 65 and older. Demographic/propensity weights were applied to the data to ensure that the sample is representative of the general adult population in the United States. 2003

RESULTZ® clinical studies conducted abroad have demonstrated success rates with RESULTZ Rinse as high as 97 percent.