A powerhouse of innovation

in Animal Health

Innovations that span across the full spectrum of companion animal medicine—

and nearly every product and treatment category


  • Leadership that has worked together at some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies matching new products to the true needs of the marketplace
  • An entire team relentlessly dedicated to assessing the marketplace for opportunities to fulfill unmet needs—even ones that pet owners and veterinarians don’t realize they have
  • A company that has developed, launched, or marketed more than 30 companion animal products in the worldwide veterinary industry for cats, dogs, and horses
  • Over 25 global patents issued in multiple countries, with many additional patents pending



Knowledge, experience, and turnkey capabilities of companies many times the size


Expertise and ability to get products to market swiftly


Proven ability to proactively address challenges in formulation and delivery


A sleek organizational design for the flexibility to quickly adjust to changing market trends


  • We have more than a dozen products in various stages of development, and have approval of a total of 7 New Animal Drug Applications (NADA) and generic products for dogs and cats from the FDA since 2013—an industry-leading achievement.
  • We successfully brought out-licensing development plan agreements to fruition with major global pharmaceutical companies and have plans to out-license future products in the current portfolio.
  • Sales of product development portfolio is projected to reach over $500 million annually*

If you are interested in licensing opportunities,
accessing our expertise, or investing,

*Based on independent market research and market tracking data