FLYNEXX® GRANULES (For poultry, swine, bovine,
and equine operations)

Convenient and proven fly control at the larval stage

In commercial chicken, hog, and cattle operations as well as horse barns, FLYNEXX® Granules from Piedmont Animal Health offer an effective and hassle-free way to control flies and meet compliance obligations.

Sprinkled dry or mixed with water and sprayed on animal manure, FLYNEXX® Granules contain an insect growth regulator that kills the larvae of several species of flies—stopping development before flies take wing.

Easy fly prevention

FLYNEXX® Granules can be sprinkled dry on manure or mixed with water and used as a spray.

With the initial application, an adulticidal product is recommended to kill adult flies. Thereafter, regular use of FLYNEXX® Granules prevents fly larvae from maturing. No maturing flies means fewer fly problems.

FLYNEXX® Granules are available in cost-effective, convenient 35-lb bags. Each bag treats 7,000 square feet (200 square feet per pound).

Case study using FLYNEXX® Granules and the 1-2-3 Pit MULTI-USE Applicator

Tom Gillespie, DVM, Dip ABVP (Swine Health Management), and case manager Kevin Thorne

  1. Evaluate FLYNEXX® Larvicidal Granules for control of flies using 1-2-3 PITApplicator in a swine finishing facility with eight rooms housing 8,560 swine (1,070 per room) in the Eastern Corn Belt
  2. Collect adult flies and oral fluids from ropes to evaluate the presence of bacteria and viruses
  • Fully Treated: The fully treated room showed a 54.2% decrease in adult fly counts
  • Untreated:  The untreated control rooms had increased fly counts ranging from 40% to 2,036%
  • A surprisingly high number of bacteria were identified by the bacteriologist
  • Technical BulletinHouse flies are indeed carriers of multiple species of bacteria which can have negative consequences for producers
  • House fly control is necessary to reduce the transmission of bacteria within a room to animals and humans
  • Flynexx® Granules provide an effective means of significantly reducing house fly burdens in swine operations

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