Greensboro, NC. July 16, 2019 – Piedmont Animal Health, a leading research and product development company based in Greensboro, NC, announces that it has executed a purchase agreement to sell the US Flynexx® brand assets to Minnesota based MGK.

The purchase agreement includes the Flynexx® Granules fly control product and an EPA registration for the insect growth regulator (IGR) cyromazine.

Michael Kelly, COO and CFO of Piedmont Animal Health, comments, “Piedmont Animal Health is proud of the development of our Farm Animal Business and the Flynexx® brand. The sale of the Flynexx® brand, will further aid Piedmont Animal Health’s goal of focusing on our core business of companion animal research and development which includes one of the largest portfolio’s of FDA Rx products in development.”

About MGK
MGK, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a North American affiliate of Sumitomo Chemical Company, Tokyo, Japan. MGK is involved in the development, marketing and distribution of insect control products and currently serves the animal health, professional pest control, public health, crop protection, and household insecticide markets.  MGK delivers its products through traditional distribution outlets, retail, and ecommerce channels. For more information on MGK’s operations and products, visit www.mgk.com.

About Piedmont Animal Health
Piedmont Animal Health, a Greensboro, N.C.-based company, is led by a team of experienced veterinary pharmaceutical innovators. A leader in innovation, Piedmont is dedicated to developing novel medications that improve compliance and ease of use. Piedmont specializes in inventing, developing, and gaining FDA approval for medications that are then out licensed to major animal health companies for commercialization. For more information, visit PiedmontAnimalHealth.com

Contact: For Piedmont inquiries, contact Jackie Plemmons, 336-544-0320, ext. 207, jplemmons@piedmontpharma.com