Solutions for companion animals
(and their people)

Piedmont knows how to bring successful animal health pharmaceutical products to market. Like bloodhounds on the scent, our team of experts excels at identifying needs in the marketplace and pursuing formulations that offer superior ease of use for pet owners.

  • Based on independent market research, sales of Piedmont’s portfolio products are projected to reach $200 million annually.
  • We have received 47 patents, and have 60 more (and counting) pending worldwide.

Innovation in action:

Welcome to once-and-done treatments
CLARO® (florfenicol, terbinafine, mometasone furoate) Otic Solution for dogs is an effective single-dose therapy for otitis externa that eliminates the need for in-home application by dog owners.  While most other products require daily administration, CLARO Solution is the first and only product that is effective with just one dose.  Invented and developed by Piedmont, the treatment is the first-to-market of many single-dose treatments yet to come from Piedmont’s pipeline of innovative pharmaceuticals.

Medication becomes a treat
Our innovative chewable drug delivery platform for dogs and cats can deliver virtually any medication without a wrestling match. The soft, tasty, meat-free treat is made without water and without extrusion methods to protect the integrity and potency of active ingredients.

CLARO is a registered trademarks of Elanco.


We’ve developed and licensed truly remarkable animal health products and have more than 20 individual FDA-pharmaceuticals in our pipeline.