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FDA Clears Piedmont’s Pesticide-Free Head Lice Product For Use in U.S.

Already a top seller in multiple countries around the globe for up to a decade, RESULTZ® Lice & Egg Elimination Kit has now been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for introduction in the U.S.

The new product kills even pesticide-resistant “super lice” and has been scientifically proven in well-controlled U.S. and European clinical studies with both children and adults. The odorless product requires just 5 minutes application time.

The new U.S. kit includes an easy-to-apply liquid and a comb, and is recommended for adults and children ages 2 and older.

Piedmont is seeking a strategic commercial partner for the U.S. launch. For business inquiries, contact Eric Barnett, M.D., Piedmont’s executive vice president of business development, at 336.544.0320, ext. 204.

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Inability or reluctance to swallow solid pills is common in adults and children. A study by Harris Interactive1 suggested that 40% of US adults have difficulty swallowing tablets. Our chewable medication delivery platform provides an easier-to-swallow alternative in a soft, pleasant-tasting formulation patented for use in delivering human pharmaceutical medications. Two actives formulated in the chewable have received FDA approval.

  • Allows for fast and effective swallowing of a range of actives
  • No need for water when swallowing
  • Excellent API stability
  • Soft texture is retained throughout shelf life
  • Proven successful as an FDA-approved formulation platform

Study by Harris Interactive with a total of 679 adults ages 18 and over, 513 between the ages of 18 and 64, 166 ages 65 and older. Demographic/propensity weights were applied to the data to ensure that the sample is representative of the general adult population in the United States. 2003

FDA-cleared RESULTZ® Pesticide-Free Lice & Egg Elimination Kit requires just 5 minutes to work, the shortest time for lice products.img-chews